We’re tired of folks thinking China’s only as wild as
Beijing’s Great Wall and Shanghai nightlife.
China is big. Wild. Unpredictable.
And the best parts of it are frequently found outdoors.

Explore it. Love it. Protect it.
Our Mission

China Outdoors Collective shows off the beauty of China’s wilderness to inspire exploration and conservation now and in the future.

This project builds upon the dream of many Chinese and Westerners to show off the beauty of China’s nature.

We know that many have singlehandedly made great contributions towards achieving this goal in the past.

But what we need most is a sustainable, East-West collective of photographers and adventurers accomplishing this goal together.

Column 1

(Chu Weimin)


Thomas(Chu Weimin) is a landscape photographer based in Chongqing, China. Thomas’s pursuit of unique landscape images has led him to some of the most remote areas in China, Pakistan and Greenland. Since being professional from 2017, Thomas has been recognized by several renowned awards, including grand prize of 2019 Natgeo Travel Photo Contest.

Kyle Obermann


Kyle Obermann is an environmental photographer and writer based in Chengdu. Fluent in Mandarin, his work documents the evolution of China’s nature reserves, national parks, and grassroots environmental groups. He has been published and featured in National Geographic, BBC, Chinese National Geography, People’s Daily, The Nature Conservancy, and more. In his spare time he eats Sichuan food and runs ultra-marathons.

Chenwei Qian

Chenwei Qian is a conference interpreter and photographer (based in…). (Growing up in…) he is committed to bringing China’s amazing views to the world. He is also the runner-up of Huawei NEXT-IMAGE Awards 2019.

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